Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When coffee makers go bad

A lovely blogger in Montreal, Eric, posted pictures of a coffee maker blowup.

Go see the damage done by that explosion. I'm sure it's funnier in retrospect.

I have no idea if this picture is Eric himself. I never imagined him with a beard.


dj said...

I don't drink coffee (shocking, I know) but if I did and if my coffee maker did this? I'd just leave it all and move. Coffee grinds have to be one of the hardest thing to clean up.

Kat said...

Makes me very glad I don't drink coffee.
I just imagine getting sprayed with scalding hot water PLUS scalding hot coffee grounds to my precious face.

I would cry. *wah*

Chunks said...

That made me laugh so hard! I guess it's because it could have easily happened to me! LOL! That guy is a fabulous photographer! Holy crapola!

lattégirl said...

I only know it cracked me the hell up.

lattégirl said...

And it also happened to my son while I was away. He was moaning about coffee being EVERYWHERE. I told him to be sure it was all cleaned up by the time I came back home. Glad he didn't burn himself.

edemay said...

thanks terry for posting the link. However, the guy in the picture is not me but my roommate Matt. I only wish I could grow such a beard.