Friday, July 20, 2007

And now we are validated

Anyone who ever called me a CRAZY CAT LADY now has my blessing.

I sort of knew about the "collector" mentality before, but I see it's officially called "hoarding."

Who would hoard animals? That's just weird. I don't hoard.

I begin to define myself as a "crazy cat lady" when I purchase things specifically for a stray animal.

e.g. last night I bought spray shampoo, calcium, and a soft brush for the stray boy (I thought he was a girl? But upon closer inspection, he has balls?! Ergo, he is a he. Well, I suppose that is a good thing. He won't be bringing his litters home.).

I figured he needs the help, and my kittehs will benefit, too.

He, by the way, is now very comfortable walking right through the door and washing hisself in that lazy way happy cats have. Which means I am doomed.

I do admit to having a crazy animal personality, on the whole. I went into the pet shop to buy the above-mentioned items and spent half an hour talking to all the kids in teh store. The bird, up top there, he is a special dude ($300 worth of special.) I am not afraid of birds with beaks that could crunch a finger off at the first joint. He tried, though, and for about one second I did fear for the third finger of my left hand. He bit down hard.

But just look at the intelligence in that eye! This is one smart bird. He said HELLO! to me. I love talking birds!

I would so have one, if I could claim a better track record with birds/cats.

Last night I also espied rats of different colours: a dark grey one I would love to have.


dj said...

I can't bring myself to getting another cat since my last one but I wouldn't mind a rat or a guinea pig...

Mindy said...

I had a grey rat named Smokey, alas he passed but he was so smart!

Creechman said...

I like talking birds.

Shelby said...

enjoyed your post and this page of your blog ... take care and happy day!

Chunks said...

The cats I understand because they can be very charming in an aloof, distant sort of way. Birds though? What you see as sneaky, I see as conniving. He was gunning for you! Crazy birds! Ooh I just shivered!

Weirdgrrl said...

When I was living in Toronto, we had a stray dog come and live on our porch. We eventually figured out that it was the pup that used to belong to former neighbours who had given the dog away when they moved back to Portugal. But the neighbours house had a fence around it and ours didn't, so she ended up at our house and she wouldn't go away. Well, we finally figured out why... everyone in the house was secretly feeding the dog and so were some of the neighbours. She was a very sweet dog so whaddya going to do... we obviously had to adopt her. That was when we grew from being the crazy cat people to the crazy animal people... it's a natural progression, so don't fight it. ;-)

lattégirl said...

Weirdgrrl: whaddya gonna do? lol... I only read this AFTER posting my next entry. The Italian accent sticks in my mind.

Don't fight it? You say it's OK? OK, I'm good with it now. Thanks. :)

Chunks: You have to get over this irrational fear of birds. I have kinda halfway gotten over my major arachnaphobia, and it's not that bad. At least birds don't make nests in the smallest entryways to your windows and behind your damned furniture and boxes. Spiders are insidious and sneaky, birds are just.... out there, in trees. You are so lucky, you don't even know it.