Tuesday, July 24, 2007

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It was a feast-or-famine type of weekend. On Friday morning, the Teen left to spend a few days in the Big City (or the Big Suburb of same). I mostly worked that day, napped a bit, watched some tube.

Saturday – no money, no coffee except decaf (egads!!). I had a cup, and although it tasted right, it didn’t do the trick, so I had to take another nap in the p.m. Spent the rest of the day mostly reading, eating, watching the tube.

Sunday – weeding a friend’s fairly substantial flagstone walkway. I knew unaccustomed muscles would protest the next day… and they did. Today, too; simple motions like sitting and standing make me go ow. I need more exercise.

Then, the friend paid me for my gardening work - which was unexpected, and she did it in a sneaky way so that I only realized it later - and I was able to buy real coffee and some milk.

Meanwhile, off-topic:

Something just bit me in the arm. I ask you, how can you have a perfectly good, unmarred arm one minute and a massive, itchy welt the next? How sneaky are bugs?!

(late pm update: Oh, they are sneaks. I found a fat nasty spider hiding behind the box that holds my wireless modem, the box that also holds all our precious ID papers, the box I had not moved from its spot in a corner for, oh, a month. Fortunately, I have two real plastic fly swatters now, which reside in strategic spots in this small apartment, and I grabbed the purple swatter and spent a very long 20 seconds chasing the large, clearly panicky spider around the box, until I flattened it nicely.

Still, I felt bad. I don't really like killing anything.)

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