Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Oh damn this is a big picture.

Sorry about that! I just wanted to show off my fab straight hair, courtesy of Liv my stylist.

I need a flat iron to keep my hair this way. I don't even own a hair dryer, let alone a flat iron.

But it goes all stupid curly if I don't use a flat iron as Liv does so easily, expertly, effortlessly.

With thanks to Kat and Belle for telling me how to take my own picture. ("Arm's length! Tilt head! Crop!")

Well, I didn't crop but I did the rest and I smiled. I look really mean when I don't smile. I scare me.


kat said...

This is seriously making me teary.
I told you in email, but I;m saying it again.

We've known each other through blogging for years now, something like what? 6 years I think.
In those years, I have never, not once seen a pic of you, so finally seeing one of my best friends, is making me all weepy.
I had a feeling this is what you looked like, I knew you'd have that devious smile, I just knew that about you.

How silly, I'm sitting here with tears coming down because now I finally know what you look like.....LOL

lattégirl said...

You are killing me. It's true we've known each other through our blogs for several years. Could be five or six. I didn't realize that I never, ever sent you a photo. I think that's because I hate to see myself.

I took photos of myself tonight because I got this new haircut which I love so totally, I had to immortalize it. I SERIOUSLY LOVE MY HAIR. IT'S STRAIGHT! WOOT!

I also put on tons of eye makeup, you realize. Otherwise my eyes are like tiny piggy eyes.

But enough about me! I've been raving about Kat's hair and eyes and cheekbones and long damned fingers for years! You should see her hands! They are long and slim! Bitch!

My hands are short and stubby.

Oh, enough.

kat said...

LOL! I look good from the tits up.
Below that, I have a belly, a big one.
And a flat ass...hahahahah

lattégirl said...

ROFL! I have no hips and not much ass either. And some jelly belly left over from the bearing of child. My tits are nothings since i breast0fed him. I wear padded fucking bras. I also hate my toenails.

Could we be any nastier to ourselves if we tried?

Venomous Kate said...

Hey, you're right - we look like twins! (Except I have plenty of hips and ass. They're what keep me from falling on my face now that my stomach and boobs are massive, too.)

lattégirl said...

I was only thinking that we shared straight bangs and similar short haircut, but then you go and ruin our twin-ness with the big boobs. Bitch.

Kate said...

Trés chic!!!

But I must contest the whole "tiny piggy eyes" thing. Even though I find it a hilarious phrase, it's such BULLSHIT.

And though I'd like to join in and self-deprecate in that vaguely charming group o' girls way, I think I've hit my lifetime allocation online probably three or four years ago...

I have my stylist straighten my hair the once in a HUGE while I get a real colour job (in the two years since the VERY FIRST TIME I EVER COLOURED MY HAIR). When I hacked it off it removed the long-term damage from when I set it on fire (God - that's a story for another time), so it looks miraculously SMOOTH and such.

And, since my hair, when it was long and regularly tried to kill me - I KID YOU NOT - it had more power then - was BEYOND straightening, it really is a marvel. We should have a sleepover when someone gets a straight-iron.

Craaaazy Hair,
Crazy Kate of Le monde de Kate de fromage

Chunks said...

Look at YOU!!!!

Wow! I love the hair and you totally don't look a thing like I thought you would. You'd better start describing yourself a little more accurately because I pictured a little old lady! I didn't know you was a hip mama!!

I love the hair! How curly is it usually? Now I want more pictures. Celebrate your self damnit!

My hands are short and stubby too. Same with the feet. Fred Flinstones feet with short fat toes. Yay us!

lattégirl said...

Kate - you made me laugh out loud in the middle of the night, for crying out loud (or laughing). "The power of your hair..." wasn't that some biblical dude who believed his hair was power? Who the hell was that? I hate not remembering this kind of trivia.

Anyway, it made me laugh. I happen to know you have wondrous golden-red locks. LOCKS OF LOVE. Wench.

Chunks: Why, thank you my dear. You really thought I was some wizened old lady? Thanks so much. I happen to know what you look like WITH and WITHOUT makeup on, because that was the very first post I ever read on your blog. But you don't see me hating on you, do ya? God, what a broad.

(It rhymes.)

I can't think of anyting else to fling at you, you... you... you're already too fucking perfect for me to mess with.

Maybe I could just say "bitch" and then you'd be like all the rest of my commenters.


lattégirl said...

Oh, and for the rest of you? Bitch.

christine said...


When you sent the photo via email showing only your lovely neck wearing the jewelry I wondered if you were: 1) very shy 2) very cautious about the internet or 3) wanted by the law. ;)

I am so happy to see your sweet face, Terry!

And your new haircut is perfect for you, too. Tres chic. :)

(By the way, it was Sampson who lost his strength when Delilah cut his locks of hair. I've always believed that his hair possessed no real power, but just the thought of a woman snipping off his hair without his permission turned him into a neurotic girly-man. Hehe.)

dj said...

The pastor's kid wanted to answer that Sampson trivia but I see Christine beat me to it. :lol: Which, by the way, is an interesting theory about his hair - also very amusing.

Like I told you already... fabulous photo!

I, truly, despise photos of me so I won't be doing this any time soon. :)

lattégirl said...
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lattégirl said...

Thank you also to Christine, who is sweetness incarnate. I was shy, yes. That's why I asked my son to take a picture of my neck. I hate the sight of me!