Sunday, July 29, 2007

I am the animal kingdom

(alternative title: "Pimping for Spider")

If I open my door but a minute, many ugly, dirty shitflies zoom in.

So, as of last night, I've enacted a cunning plan.

I semi-stun the flies with the flyswatter, then drop them gently into the very small web of the resident spidette (fairly modest specimen, but ugly as sin) who lives there.

It is quite gratifying to see how quickly she runs out, stuns them, and drags them into her teeny lair. It is also fairly horrifying to see how ruthless she is.

If all spiders were proportionately sized to us as we are to them now. Well, humanity would be long dead, wouldn't it.

That spider above is one I captured on "film" in summer 2005.


Mindy said...

You madam are the nicest human being I know to actually feed the spiders. Me? I would kill them all:) It's me or them...allergic to their paralyzing venom.

lattégirl said...

Mindy: I have NO idea why I play nice with spiders, because generally they ruin my summers. They ruin my enjoyment of lakes and docks and picnic tables and porches.

I don't know why I tolerate them. (Outdoors only!)

dj said...

I have a couple of, not so scary, spiders I have allowed to take up residence on my enclosed side porch. Mostly because some careless person will hold the door open longer than they need to and the flies seem to love my porch.

The spiders are allowed to live there as long as they 1. do their job (and they have been) and 2. stay out of the house.

Chunks said...

I had a spider camped out on my bug zapper. The bugs would flock to the light and then would get snared in her web and then whammo! She'd nail them! Bitch was a better bug catcher than my bug zapper. It was all good until I got a web in the mouth. Then I destroyed the whole operation.

lattégirl said...

DJ: TOTALLY! I have a quite large one who was living over the door and I shooed her away, now she's overhead somewhere else on the porch, catching flies i hope....

Chunks: They are smart bitches. I hate them, but I admire them, too. It's very hard to be arachnaphobic and humanistic at the same time. Web in the mouth would pretty much kill the deal for me, too. Ack ptooey!