Monday, July 2, 2007

I'll swat ya

Much as I love leaving doors and windows open in the summer, I can't. The flies get in. Four per hour, I figure.

And then they swoosh around your head and land on your stove and stuff for a few days, and you get really mad at them. Right?

I have one of these <--- 9 volt bug racquets and it is very satisfying to fry a wasp with it, believe me. But it is not as flexible as the old-fashioned fly swatter we all know.

So I've been using the local Laurentians Vacations booklet to kill flies. The booklet is prolly full of dried vestiges of fly guts. Rather disgusting.

Sorry if you were eating breakfast as you read that.

You should see the big mirror in my LR. I hit a fly there last week -- he had been buzzing me for like THREE DAYS - so when I finally got him, he left a really bad splat on the mirror.

It's just so good to finally nail them.


Creechman said...


Chunks said...

I also have the electified fly swatter and there really is nothing more refreshing than the smell of crispy fly!

Day Dreamer said...

LMAO....I want one...for flies and nasty relatives.....

dj said...

I detest flies. If one gets in the house I can't rest until I hunt it down.

I could use one of these since I just broke my flyswatter today. :shrug: I dunno what happened - I was swinging at a fly and all of sudden the handle just snapped. I picked up and tried again and the damn handle snapped again. :rolling eyes: No sneaking up on those little buggers with a flyswatter that has a 2 inch handle. Trust me.