Friday, July 27, 2007


Last night my cats refused to come inside so I left the window open (with screen) on the front door and decided to camp out on the couch so I would hear the kitties if and when they decided to return.

From outside I heard sounds from the dumpster area. I thought it was just a neighour putting some trash away, but the sounds kept going. Rummaging, rustling sounds. The clear "ting" of tin cans hitting pavement. After five minutes of this, I popped my head out to see if it was a raccoon or two.

But no, it was a person, and he was climbing right into the dumpster and tossing out five-cent returnable soft drink cans, which were all over the ground.

I admire resourcefulness in most forms, but dude. That dumpster is just NASTY DIRTY.

I considered calling the landlord, but I knew it was too late in the evening. I thought of dialing 911, but didn't relish the thought.

As it turns out, the guy finished up, cleared up the mess, and left. No harm done (although he left the lids up, which could easily have resulted in mess left by real coons).

Such excitement where I live!


Chunks said...

Dumpster divers break my heart.

In this day and age, who the hell is throwing out soft drink cans?!!!

lattégirl said...

At least he has the sense (and, my mind you, the NEED) to recycle... I watch some neighbours waddle up to the dumpster and haul eminently recyclable items into it, heedless of the 12 blue bins right beside it. I'd rather someone scavenge.