Saturday, July 28, 2007

A respite

After many, many days of relentless Florida-style 37C +weather (not that I mind) we finally have an overcast, relatively cool day. While I feel bad for the cube farmers who have the weekend off, I personally don't mind having a bit of a break.

So I went to my first-ever duck race. I thought they were real ducks, but then I was told they'd be rubber ducks.


They were pucks!

They were hockey puck-sized rondelles hand-cut from cedar, painted with biodegradeable paint, and hand-numbered. There were 1,000 pucks in all.

We got there 4 minutes after official puck-buying time had elapsed, but managed to snag two from an Ontario lady who'd bought $100 worth.

They dumped the pucks off a covered bridge. About one-quarter of them promptly got stuck in the shallowest or rockiest parts of the river. I know for sure one of mine was up there, a sitting puck (haha!) because I saw it. #897! Dead in the water!

The rest of the pucks floated downstream and jammed up at the end, where only the first three would be winners. But those first had to get through a narrow hand-made wooden channel. After two hours and a steady rain falling, with a good 2 dozen pucks just floating there and nobody winning, I left. Also, somebody had plugged in a country music tape and the thing kept getting jammed and replaying the same 3/4 of a song until I was ready to scream.

I was so hungry when I got there (musta been the fresh mountain air, several hundred feet higher in altitude than here) I ate a hot dog, 2 corn on the cob, and two (two!!) slices of pizza.

That was breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And all proceeds from the ducks/pucks, drinks, and food go to building a skating rink for local kids.

At 8:30 that night I was totally ready to pass out, although I wanted to watch episodes I'd missed of Canada's Next Top Model.

In the end, I didn't care enough to stay awake.


Chunks said...

I haven't had a corn dog in about 15 years! Was it just like I remember?

A duck/puck race sounds like a good way to spend a day.

Chunks said...

A hotdog and CORN...DUH!!! I read CORNDOG. Crazy brain.

lattégirl said...

Um, yeah, I was about to answer you when I saw your second comment.

I have no idea what a corndog is or would taste like.

dj said...

Corn dogs are hot dogs, on a stick, coated in cornbread batter, and deep fried. Personally (before I was a vegetarian) I found them disgusting and I like hot dogs so it must be the cornbread that I found distasteful.

lattégirl said...

AH! They call them pogo sticks here. I love them. With mustard.