Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Two peas

That's what they told me.

We were sitting around a table on Sunday, me and my ride and our hosts. And then a neighbour showed up with a five-pound chocolate/ice cream cake his wife had made at 5 o'clock that morning. And that was just half the cake she'd made.

And over dinner the neighbour, Tony, (not his real name, but if you throw in Soprano after it, and use the TV wife's name for the RL wife, you might get the idea) told me, since we were talking about health and jogging and hearts and stuff, that two dried green peas per day, swallowed with water as you would regular pills, are amazing for lowering cholesterol.

Anybody else heard about this? I did a tiny bit of research and found a site or two, but those mostly mention green peas (not sure if they mean the dried legumes or fresh/frozen peas) as part of a good diet low in calories/fat/cholesterol.

"Tony" swears he heard this from a series of friends who all swore their cholesterol levels went down, and therefore cut their Lipitor costs. Holy knows Lipitor is freakin expensive.

So I bought a bag of split peas today.

I'll be downing a quartet (the actual remedy is two peas a day, and mine are split, so I figure I should take 4 halves, right?) daily and then take a test in a month or so. (Well - a test real soon, like this week, then a month from now for comparison's sake.)

As for Tony... whooboy. I felt nervous just sitting at the same picnic table in the middle of the countryside with him. Nice guy, though, and as they say, once you're in, you never get out, know what I meanwhatdafuckyougonnado, right?



dj said...

I've never heard of this but it can't hurt anyway.

lattégirl said...

Since the m@fi@ recommends, I can't say no.

Shelby said...

Hi - thanks for your lovely comment earlier... I can't remember exactly how I first landed at your blog - but I too am glad!

The pea thing.. I have never heard it. but it sounds intriguing.

Tony sounds nice, but don't get too close :)

take care and have a wonderful Wednesday today.

Chunks said...

Tomatoes are supposed to be good too, no? I have no idea. Never heard about the peas.

Nirmala said...

Cute blog. Not sure about peas but it kind of makes sense since peas are high in soluble fiber. Though I think you would have to eat more than what was described to you. Personally swear by oatmeal.