Wednesday, July 18, 2007

HELL, here I come

I made my very first foray into the sucking vortex of inefficiency that is HELL CANADA TELEPHONE SERVICE.

It really takes all of my physical being to engage in any discussion with Hell, but I pretty much girded my (loins?) to tackle them head-on today.

I was in Fighting Mode. I was in Pissed-Off Majorly Mode.

I managed to shout at one person and remain calm with the next one. Then I walked down the road and faxed them a photocopy of a bill I paid to Hell Mobility (which they dispute. They say it got paid to Hell Landline. I don't care who got paid; all I care about is that I paid almost $200 in "good faith" and now it's up to them to sort it out with the bank that messed up the payment.)

The lawyer I said I'd contact? He's in the wings. He's humming in anticipation of his fee, but I've got him on hold for now.

(What do you call those things where the salt trickles down? No, it's an hourglass. Or egg timer. Or meter. The thing lawyers use to count the minutes they have worked for you...)

I hate when I can't remember proper English terms for stuff.

UPDATE: So far so bad. Bell Mobility agents have called me and are unable to see the light. I think this particular giant might take some wrassling. (Thx to Laura for the imagery.)

Image above: Hell House, maybe. Or Amityville Horror.


dj said...

"the sucking vortex of inefficiency" - omg, how I laughed at that.

But, the rest? Yeah, not so funny. I feel your pain.

Mindy said...

They still haven't gotten their act together? Geesh!

Laura said...

Good luck with Bell. They're bigger than you are but that just means they will fall harder. Just step lightly so you aren't there when they land.

lattégirl said...

Hah. Thanks, Laura. (BOOM!)