Sunday, July 15, 2007

Very large bug

We thought it might be a mouse or a bat, but it turned out to be the Biggest Moth in the Universe.

I know this picture is not the best but I was holding the BMitU in my regular-sized female hand and someone else was trying to stay calm whilst taking a picture of the BMitU so we are all forgiven.

Lookit the size of that thing.


dj said...

That's huge!! Like most bugs I don't mind them outside but freak when they get in the house. :lol:

Louise said...

I swear to Gord there were three of those beating against the livingroom window last night, trying to get me. Great big grey/brown/black bird-looking mofo, right?


Chunks said...


Laura said...

and that's the one they used to call "the little guy"!

You've been tagged. Should you choose to accept this form of mild torment come have a look.

lattégirl said...

Jeez Louise. Hard enough to stomach picking up ONE of these big bird mofos, let alone see three of them beating down your screen. Yoiks!

Lisa said...

OMG, I thought we grew bugs big in Texas! Da-yum!! That's pretty cool, though, really. Now, had it been a scary bug...say, a bee, or a wasp, or an oversize spider...eeks!

You need to show that bugger to Skeet! LOL!