Monday, July 2, 2007

New baby...

I can see it coming. The little female I've been feeding for the past few days? She will be mine.

She made me hers, really. This picture to the left is one I found online. If my sight serves me well, she is a young Maine Coone.

I have managed to capture her once, this afternoon, and then my camera batteries died. Let me see if I got her properly...

Oh, no! I snapped her without my memory card! That means I have to root around in boxes to find the cable!

You will simply have to take my word 4 it.

She is cute... and worse yet, she doesn't run away from me anymore. In fact, she let me stroke her tonight. It was justfingers at first. Then it was full-on belly rubs.

Uno, duo, tre, and all the rest of you... you know what this means, don't you?

I once had sixteen kittens. I once had nine. One time, I had just five.

With a little luck and love and care, I might have four... but rest easy. She is already spoken for. One of my x-neighbours up in the country would like to take her home.

I'll just do the training and taming. That's not too bad, eh?

There is one other aspect to this. An animal fanatic (usually, a fanatic is a collector, and has many more animals than he/she can handle) is one who can't resist and falls in love and wants to help. I am already in love with the little lady, but I know I can't cross the line into fanaticism. Unless your name is Eduardo. Between me and the friend, we can get her vaccinated and spayed, and then she can live a nice life up in farm country. Yay!


StaceyG said...

If I wasn't married I'd be the same way. I'd totally be a "crazy cat lady."

Chunks said...

I feel the same way only about dogs. I want them all. Of course, I can barely make the one I have listen to me, so it is unrealistic. I still would love more. Puppies!

lattégirl said...

Tigs: So I am crazy because I'm not married? Is that what you're saying? EH?

Jeni said...

That cat is just awesome! Beautiful! I wouldn't dare to show that picture to my daughter as it would take forever to clean up the drool off my keyboard, etc., from her wanting to either run north and try to steal her from you or she'd be out and about trying to find yet another cat to bring home here. We already have old Gracie (had her close to 16 years now) and the kitten, Nina, who if she doesn't quit attacking my bare legs and shredding my thin skin, creating little rivers of blood running down my leg, may not live to see tomorrow!