Wednesday, July 25, 2007

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I have a few new blogs to add to the roll over at the main site, but I will get to that tomorrow... or more likely on the weekend. I find I tend to prefer the blogs written by women. Some of my newest commenters have intrigued me with their stories. I always wonder how the new peeps find my blog -- through the usual "next blog" feature on Blogspot? I imagine so.

Anyhoo. It's time for me to do some housekeeping and add the new names. It is always my hope that a reader here will actually scroll down the blogroll and hit a page that becomes a favourite.

The original Night of the Living Dead is on TV, and it's pretty bad, although it's probably much better than I give it credit for, compared with the remakes.

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Laura said...

I've been watching Pirate Master. Just last night when they would have finally mutinied (I am sure) the show is yanked, canceled by the US network. So now those of us in Canada will never know how the show went. It's really annoying. I seldom watch anything new any more cause it always seems to happen this way. As soon as I begin to get interested in a new show it is canceled, no notice, no explanation and no closure! Royally peeves me. I'm glad I don't watch TV, it's mainly background while I sit here and play with blogs and Flickr.

lattégirl said...

And so, if I get your drift, you are telling me that we really should watch old B&W movies on TV.

Blindsighted One said...

Hmm. Well, I can tell you I found your blog through another blog. Can't remember which one though. I'll have to back track to find out.

I like the picture of the narly dog.

Louise said...

I'm not sure how I found you, or how you found me... I'm glad we did though.

Oh wait, that sounded like a cheesy love song. "Ode to Garlic Pants".

Shelby said...

hey thanks for the storyette comment you left a few minutes ago.. I'm gonna post some more on that later today or tomorrow..

take care and happy Friday :)

lattégirl said...