Saturday, June 2, 2007

All the old guys love me

Is this what I've come to? Men of retirement age the only ones who fawn over me?

Say it ain't so. Tell me that at my age, all I can expect is the stooped, the balding, and the pot-bellied?

I brought some homemade soup to a neighbour who is very sweet, and fairly elderly, and I thought I was just being kind until he grabbed my ass and insisted on kissing me on the mouth. Six times.

Not that I minded quite so much, cuz he's harmless and he's moving out of the motel at the end of this month, but hell! Hell's bells!



Chunks said...

Ack! I want to bleach my mouth for you!

I like little old men but little old perverts, I can do without. Stay away him, he sounds like a live wire!

Lisa said...


Silly old man!

DSB said...

I'd be a bit creeped out as well!

lattégirl said...

It just proves that they're all horny goats no matter how old they are.