Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Funny how things go.

You start out with expectations based on other peoples' reactions or versions of stories.

And when you find out otherwise, in the best sense, you are pleased yet shamed. Shamed by your cynical view of life, shamed by your shabby expectations of others, pleased by the fact that they surprised you with insight and humanity and unexpected courtesy.

You stop expecting courtesy or even basic decency, after awhile. You listen to gossip and you start to think everyone is base and mean and petty.

Maybe they really are, but sometimes, occasionally, they give you a glimpse of what you wish for and what you always strive to give them. A ray of sun.

I hope you can imagine what I'm talking about. I'm so sick of moaning about how weird people are.

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Laura said...

My ex had a thing for crows. I like them too but I couldn't say they are a favourite of favourites. This is a good painting. I've seen it twice now (here on your blog) and each time I think how calm and natural it feels. Not quite the right words. But, they will do.