Thursday, June 14, 2007

In lieu of posting

Neighbour cat Picou (left) seems to think the peony is about to attack him.

Meanwhile, my Cootie has a puffed-out tail, which denotes nervousness. She's been outside for more years than Picou has toes, so it's not the flower's fault. I think maybe she spotted the landlord.


Laura said...

Nice colours on Cootie. Kind of chocolate and caramel all swirled together.

lattégirl said...

She's a tortoiseshell.

Always happy to see you comment here, Laura :)

Laura said...

Always happy to see you post here. :)

Are you still waiting for another shoe to drop?

I've heard of tortoiseshell but had not seen just what it was. I had calico and tabby cats before. I miss them. But, not very sensible for someone allergic to them.

My favourite cat (for his colouring) was a male tabby. He was orange and white but such a pale pale orange that he looked white with the barest blush of peach. Very pretty. Though he was the scardiest cat I have ever seen, not including feral cats.

Laura said...

PS - I wish you lived out this way. I should be moved out of Toronto by the 25th, one way or another. My brother is leaving my furniture here till mid July and then it will go to the new place in Barrie. In theory. I am worried cause last time a lot of stuff was stolen from here. He does not lock anything!

I am trying to take everything that really matters to me before I leave. I will have my Mom's car to borrow while she and my brother are away to BC for a week or so. I plan to make a drive down here and pack the car full of my books and whatever else I can carry out and fit into the car by myself.

I am also going to get photos of places out by the Rouge area of Scarborough. There is a terrific old stone house falling apart which I found once while my brother was driving to his doctor appointment. I hope it is still there! It was such a sad and yet elegant looking place from the quick look I got.

Wouldn't it be fun to meet and get photos? I was thinking of how nice it would be if I could just call you up and tell you to meet me at a Tim Hortons or some better coffee place. :)

Maybe we will. Just not this month. lol

I am halfway through the Strange and Norrell book. My favourite character is Childermass. There is just something kind of mysterious and yet nice about him. (Spelling of character names does not count).

lattégirl said...

Childermass ends up being significant but not hugely so.

masgblog said...

Picou looks like my BJ