Tuesday, June 5, 2007

And then I was up all night

Oh, bother and damnation!

I ended up being awake almost all night. At 4:55 the birdies started to sing, the sky turned blue. The wheezing neighbour got up and his floor creaked. The youngest neighbour at the motel - the one the old folks call "the baby" -- zipped home in her Mustang.

Since I was up, I downloaded Firefox.

I hear faint cheers from some people. I must see why this is so much better than IE. I will happily switch if I need to. And if you want to buy me a Mac, I won't say no.

Firefox is not the same as IE -- it's faster in some ways, for some sites, but I have to reconfigure or re-download my toolbars.

My keyboard feels sticky. Ew. I will shut down and clean it properly.

I have to meet a few people today, so I wish I could get a couple of hours of sleep now... except now I want bacon & eggs and toast. Yes.

(I didn't give in to that urge. I went to sleep after all.)


dj said...

Yes - Firefox rules! I like it so much better than IE which is "buggy" at best.

The Artist said...

Hi Terry I tried to add the image you like to a print but what I had on file was too small.

I have created some postcards with similar colors which may be of interest.

You can buy them in my art store which is at the top right of my site, the link `Buy Gifts’ of my art.

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Laura said...

I was a loyal IE user for many years. I tried several other browsers, some which did not work, some which ran by using IE anyway and one which caused me to have to reformat my PC cause it had some kind of nasty error which caused a huge problem with Windows.

Anyway, I tried Firefox at various times but I came back to IE each time, for years. Then, a few years ago I tried Firefox again and I have not gone back to IE. I think it is the best thing out there. It makes IE seem very slow and clunky. The tabbed browsing is wonderful. I know IE has it now too, copycat. But I still choose Firefox over IE. It just runs faster and does not try to take over my PC. It does not come with a tonne of bookmarks I do not want either.

Good luck with test driving it. Let us know how it is going.