Friday, June 1, 2007

Another blogger contest!

Colleen over at Simple Kind of Life has made so much cash blogging for PayPerPost that she's giving stuff away now.

She's started a monthly contest -- the Colleenie Weenie Contest -- and will hold a random draw at the end of each month. This month's top prize is Pirates of the Caribbean on DVD (what, you expected it on beta cassette?), and the booby prize is Cheech & Chong's "Still Smokin."

I want the booby prize! It's been a long time since I saw any C&C and while I never tire of Johnny Depp, I'd prefer to see the old stoners of my youth again.

How can you enter this contest, you ask? Here's the link to her site with full instructions. By commenting on her blog, saying why you want to win, you get one entry into the hat. By blogging about it, as I'm doing here and on Inner Dialogues, I get six entries. When I put this up on MySpace, I'll get two more entries. That's 9 entries for this month alone, if my math is correct, and I can never be sure my math is correct, but whatever.

So go on, enter the Colleenie Weenie Contest for fun and maybe a prize!

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