Friday, June 29, 2007

Brit TeeVee

I'm a bit late in laying claim to a new favourite British sketch comedy show. I have at least 2 friends who've mentioned it before. But I have been watching assiduously for several weeks.

I actually stay up 'til midnight to catch Little Britain on weeknights (and Sunday mornings, if I recall correctly). I think the show is in season three (or perhaps just finishing up 3, not sure.)

I call this the British equivalent of Kids in the Hall. I hope you agree. It is fucking hilarious.

It is generally followed on BBC-K by another sketch series, Swinging.
This comedy sketch show celebrates sex and relationships in all their many forms via a cast of regular returning characters including middle class swingers, ignorant sex counsellors, psychotic boyfriends, embarrassing parents and many more.
The ignorant sex cousellor who cannot bring himself to say the word "sex" had me and the Teen giggling. "Well... you know."

And then there's the Young Ones, which I have only seen once but love already after a single episode.

I am so happy to find new comedy in the barren land allegedly forged by Comedy Central. BBC rocks.


Creechman said...

Brit Humor cracks me up. Ever heard of Tracey Ullman? Oh my God.

lattégirl said...

I adore La Tracey, she is a goddess.

dj said...

I haven't seen season 3 yet - just caught up with season 2 and, omg, how I laughed! Lou & Andy... no words for just how funny I find them.

I loved Kids in the Hall - hilarious!