Saturday, June 9, 2007

We've had so many thunderstorms lately, I keep having to unplug my modem. Thus, not much blogging or anything else, for that matter.

I have been loving the storms, however. I suppose having mountains close by makes for different weather systems than in the city? I'm sure Leigh could tell me. We never got this much good electrical activity and massive, window-rattling thunder where I lived before.

The lamp I bought at W-Mart seems to be defective in design. The base and pole were easy to assemble, but the lampshade has stymied me. It's a fabric shade requiring three metal rods that connect to little metal hooks in order to keep the fabric stiff, rather than floppy. But the rods won't stay put! So my one and only lamp is still sitting, unfinished and unused. Don't you hate it when seemingly simple instructions don't work?!

Revised: Don't you hate it when you don't understand instructions at first, then feel ridiculously pleased when finally get it right? I have a working lamp!


Chunks said...

Congrats on the lamp! I love a storm too, from the safety of the house though. I'm having a hard time commenting at your other place so I will tell you hear that I love how much blogging material your neighbors are providing you!

lattégirl said...

Thanks, Chunks, if you love them so much, you can have them :-p

Laura said...

I wish we had some rain here. I want to take photos but they only turn out really well (for buildings mainly) on overcast and rainy days. the weekend might be good. I hope so. There is a great site I've been wanting to get to. Even though it's going to be quite a trip on the buses. I won't whine about how much I miss having a car. :)