Thursday, June 7, 2007

Trapping Pepe

My landlord put a cage outside in an attempt to trap our skunk.

It's kinda cute - there's a very pleasing little plate of fresh vegetables inside it.

But I have to wonder: what happens if Pepe does get trapped inside? How can Mr. Grumpy (the landlord) pick up the cage and transport it (presumably to the wilds nearby) without getting sprayed?

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't go near that cage.

In other motel news, the guy who was doing all the noisy sawing and sanding? We made peace. He's doing work for a non-profit shelter. He's an addictions counsellor.

He's the guy I was thinking of when I wrote my previous post about redemption.

He redeemed himself in my eyes.

My neighbour Sophie, meanwhile, came up to me in a panic yesterday PM saying she had an invasion of ants in her house. Mr. Counsellor and I were in the midst of a conversation and he advised her to wash her floors with bleach. Sophie was so distraught by the influx of insects that I immediately went over to her apartment. She poured whatever bleach she had into a pail of hot water and I scrubbed as much of her kitchen floor (and walls and baseboards) as I could.

She never even said thank you.

Gosh. I really should lower my expectations.

And then, on the other hand, I called my neighbour E., the one who works at the local hotel, to ask her if I could beg a ride home from W-Mart in her car, because I was going to be buying a lamp and wasn't sure if I could carry it home by foot. She said of course! So I bought her a scented candle in a jar as my way of saying thank you -- would have gladly kept the candle myself, but I have enough of them and I figured she would like a little token of appreciation. And she did, although she clucked disapprovingly at me.



Leigh said...

Yes indeed, lower your expectations. Isn't that sad? But unfortunately very necessary nowadays. Unless, of course, you particularly enjoy being walked all over and taken advantage of! LOL SO NICE of you to buy your neighbor a candle! See? Aren't you glad you're not a person? *wink*

kat said...

Wow, did we each have one of those days where everyone was entirely fucking ungrateful or what?

StaceyG said...

Everyone should have low expectations. That way we can be pleasantly surprised at times.

masgblog said...

We have lowered our expectations so much, that people forget basic politeness. How to be appreciative. How to say thank you. How to acknowledge others. How to be aware that there are other humans sharing the same space in the world.

Sounds pretty bleak doesn't it. But it's so true.

The Artist said...

Hi Terry, just discovered two prints of my work are on EBay in the colors you love. Details are in my post Sunshine Daisies, best wishes, The Artist.

Laura said...

You've got some good neighbours. You're off to a good start there.

lattégirl said...

No, my neighbours are gossipy sucks...

Lisa said...

Dude, if you'd scrubbed my kitchen floor and/or bought me a candle - I would have been soooooooo happy and so grateful!! I hate housecleaning and I love candles!

I think masgblog hit the nail right on the head!