Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's Father's Day

Kiss a Father today.

Even if he doesn't look like a young Pacino. Even if he wears a clerical collar.

Let me see if I can find other kissable dudes in my Pictures file. MMmm yes... and I could keep going. The guy in the yellow shirt? French actor, very funny. The guy with eyeliner needs no intro. The guy at the right is a lot older nowadays... sad how time goes, eh? Look how cute he was.

And lastly, the guy who walks on water?


dj said...

How the hell does he do that?!

Chunks said...

I don't think Criss is a daddy, but I'd still KISS HIM!!! :)

Rodrigo said...

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Chunks said...

Have you been hijacked or something?

lattégirl said...

No, just uninspired!