Monday, June 4, 2007


It's pissing rain, and this is not making me happy. Even the cats are being smart and not asking to go outside.

I should have planted my daisies yesterday, but I got caught up in my latest book and couldn't tear myself away.

Our skunk reappeared on Saturday night. I had been trying to get two cats indoors as dusk fell, and the naughty kittehs -- no fools, they -- kept scooting away from me. Finally, I enlisted my son's help, as Cootie listens to him more than she does me. Just as he was hoisting her into his arms and turning to come back here, I saw the skunk go bouncing (seriously, it bounced!) from underneath the neighbour's car, at the very spot where my cat and son were, across the parking lot, and behind the shed near the dumpster.

That's two close calls now.

One of us is bound to get sprayed soon.

I think getting sprayed by a skunk in the city would be the ultimate insult.


Greenearth said...

Great blog, look forward to visiting again.

Chunks said...

Buy some Tomato Juice and keep it on hand.

lattégirl said...

Will half a litre of V8 do?

dj said...

:lol: You are going to need more than that...

Lgirl said...


I am just keeping the cats inside as soon as the sun sets, and that's that!