Saturday, June 30, 2007

This little girl has been hanging around my place.

Don't even bother giving me advice. I know about cats and strays. But I have been feeding her.

(Did you notice how I didn't say "stray cats"? Cats and strays are what I do well.)

I had a pretty social week full of weird little events -- and I never even talked about most of it. And who cares, other than me, what I have done and seen the
past few days? It has just been pretty interesting all around.

In other news, is it wrong for me to like Keith Urban music?

I hope he is cute, I've no idea. I like his voice. Let me see... hmmm. Yes, he is cute. Damnation. Suddenly, country music is looking pretty good.

In other news, there is nothing else to see here except maybe Flight of the Conchords. Look it up, you lazy so-and-sos. I don't know why I always feel obligated to find the links for you. Right now, I am tired and just thinking about Tuesday when I have to call Bell to try and sort out all that bullshit is making me want to cry.

Seriously? I have been wanting to let loose for about the past half-hour. I really, really wish I had someone to cry on right about now.

Well, tomorrow's another day.


Creechman said...

I see a lot of cats on

lattégirl said...

Haha. Boy, do I hate those e-harmony ads on TV. I hate the smarmy smile and voice of the guy who hosts the ads.

Chunks said...

Keith Urban is a pretty boy.

You should listen to Amy Winehouse, she will cheer you up. "I don't want to go to no no!"

You want to cry because you are listening to country music. Put some 80s on girl! Turn that frown upside down!

I'm high on one-bite brownies and PMS tablets.

lattégirl said...

Roxie girl: your comments always cheer me up. I don't need no pretty boys when I gots me some Chunks.

(Bad country lyrics? The Men Pay The Drinks the Girls Call the Shots)

or something to that effect. Kill me now, it's that bad.

masgblog said...

Nicole Kidman snatched herself a cutie...