Thursday, May 3, 2007

Ten things you don't know about me

My SIL tagged me for this meme, so here goes.

1) There's a spot on my scalp where, if I use a hairbrush hard on it, I sneeze.
2) I like the shape of my nose.
3) I could eat lasagna every day.
4) I am partial to men with dark hair and dark eyes.
5) My longest celibate streak was eight years.
6) Water makes me burp.
7) I dream about small animals, usually cats and dogs, almost every night.
8) As a teen, I wanted to be a rock star.
9) I have an uncanny ability for remembering phone numbers.
10) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is my all-time idol.


masgblog said...

That's a nice list....thank you for playing!

Chunks said...


Holy Christ!