Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Early link love

I usually do (did!) link love on Saturdays, but tonight I am feeling a bit wired and I want to direct the ladies to Flack and Proud, a self-professed corporate slacker.

Dude's in his 40s and married, mit dog, but/and he's a fun read with wicked little sense of humour.

I am just a few weeks late or a few days early with the link love, depending on how you view this stuff.

Flavor Flack!


t2ed said...

Early link love indeed. It's probably just the malt liquor talking.


When I get off my hinder, I'll swap you some linkage as well.


lattégirl said...

I doan drink no single malts. AS for your swappage, I don't care. I'm a 4.10 baybee!

Hmm. I should see what your ranking is before I say anything else.

Chunks said...

Oh I enjoy Flack and Proud too, but I am a lurker. Just a lonely old lurker, that's me. hahahh!

lattégirl said...

Nah Rox! You gotta rib him! That's how I made him sit up and take notice of me.