Saturday, May 12, 2007

Open the door and...

This morning I opened the front door and...

GAH! A tiny little spider scuttled fron the door frame, closely followed by a big FAT BROWN spider which went straight to the shoe rack.

No, not just the shoe rack... next to it, where there are other things sitting there, like the small bamboo blind leaning in the corner. Waiting to be installed.

Nah, I said. Sixteen months in teh country inured meh to yas, I said. I mashed that poor big fat arachnid in two smacks of a sandal, and the little spideh, well, he was also gone in a flash.



Chunks said...

Yesterday, I was on my deck and noticed the whole porch area COVERED in moths. Apparently, my bug zapper is attracting them, then they go on the stucco wall and die/slip into a coma. So, I spent some time sweeping them away. One came back and I was so pissed off by the whole thing I just reached out and squished it with my gloved hand.

This was a big thing.

Bugs indeed.

lattégirl said...

Good on ya, Rox. You just might overcome your fear of flying things, just as overcame my arachnophobia. (sic)

StaceyG said...

I saw the CREEPIEST THING EVER the other day - a big, hairy spider with about a thousand BABY spiders on its back. My shoe had fun killing all of those things!!! *shiver*

lattégirl said...

Just ack. I once killed a female with a sac on her back.

Just about killed me, killing all those babies.