Saturday, May 5, 2007

A good day, in spite of ...

As I posted on the other blog, I did windows, wiped log walls, and cleaned/polished furniture at rom's today.

She never said a word to me.

But she managed to send me two underhanded little digs through our friend Brian who was with us today, which reinforces my astonishment at the utter negativity of this woman.

The rest of the day was much nicer. I went to Wallymart and bought a pair of cheap sandals. (Then again... what is not cheap at Walmart? How redundant of me.) I also got a really CUTE cheap little bracelet and some cheap Hanes underwear!

As I walked back home I looked, as always, at the rolling fields to the west. Used to be someone's really big farm. Now divvied up for commercial purposes. That always makes me sad. But I also always hope that the farmer(s) got a great big whack of money for the land they sold.

Immediately north of Walmart begins more farmland that has mostly been untouched, and Jersey cows who lounge by the fence, mere feet from the zoom-zoom of the modern auto. I love that.

Speaking of autos, Lachute seems to be a magnet for the vintage car crowd. I've been visiting these parts since 2001 (4 years before moving into rom's house) and I cannot really understand the vintage car population. Unless there's some major annual show? Possible.

I saw a Charger today that made me say "wow!" out loud. And I'm not a Charger kinda girl. This thing was mint. Throaty, but doing the 50 km maximum speed limit (!!).

That's pretty much it for today. I love this second blog, it's sort of my overflow-blog for the extras I forget to say on the main blog.

How did YOU spend your Saturday? What's the weather like? It's still frikkin chilly here. Stupid wind and dampness won't go away.


pmg said...

spent the day trying to finish off the baseboard trim - again! Still not finished, but close. Good thing i'm not trying to make a living at home renos.
Put the environmentally unfriendly lawnmower together in prep for one of the two boys to cut the patches tomorrow.
Drank beer and watched the neighbours.
Mourned the Raptor's loss and exit from the playoffs.
Exciting eh?

dj said...

I went out looking for photographic opportunities, took a short hike, went out to supper with the fam, and then went to a repeat of my nephew's concert because I love Celtic music and because it was being held at an old opera house and I wanted to see what it was like inside. :)

lattégirl said...

pmg: Baseboards with the cat on your back, again?! :)

DJ: Oooh the opera house. I will go see your update.

Chunks said...

They do have vintage auto shows! Last year when we were in the Maritimes, there was a huge one in Moncton. Cars from all over eastern Canada and the US were there. It was awesome! There was a white Trans Am with Jimi Hendrix painted on the hood. It was very testosterone-y!

I like the overflow blog too. Easier to comment on!

lattégirl said...

"Testosterone-y" .... love it! That Charger made me go "grrr", that's gotta be a guy thing.