Sunday, May 6, 2007


I forgot to call my brother pmg on his birthday.

And I've been so good about remembering birthdays all year. I plead the fifth (moving day) in this case.

Belated happy birthday, little bro!

Rom's birthday is in a couple of weeks. ::sigh::

I bought some pink pearls on eBay, CHEAP! And I will make her a necklace.

I had planned some other gifts, but the ungrateful wench doesn't deserve them. I think I will give them to other people.

It might be YOU. Be nice to me until May 27th.


pmg said...

fugetaboutit, I believe i regularly forget yours - however i think we both remember the day of, it's just acting on it that's the hard part. I 'm not sure i'll ever get that part of my life together.

lattégirl said...

Yep. Acting on it is the hardest part!