Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fiddleheads! Lovely curly fiddleheads!

I bought a bunch of veggies today. How I love summer veggies! But the broccoli and cauliflower are still being imported, apparently, because the prices are outrageous. You won't catch me paying $5.00 for one.

Instead, I got baby cukes, fiddleheads, celery, sweet peppers and new russet potatoes.

I also bought pansies -- my very favouritest flower in the world, along with gerberas. My planters are (allegedly) being picked up by B. at rom's today and I hope to have them stocked with pansies and hanging on the porch railings this evening.

I want herbs, too. Parsley, oregano, basil... But I am not sure where to put them, if my planters occupy all the available railing space. I will think of something.

Summer truly begins, in my head, when I buy my first flowers.


Chunks said...

When I was a kid in NB, we ate fiddleheads all the time. I hated them for so long but now I yearn for them! Sometimes I buy them, steam them, throw some butter, salt and pepper on em and just oink right out. Yum-fricken-mmy!

t2ed said...

I have no idea what a fiddlehead is.

I can't wait for real sweet corn to come into season. Rich buttery goodness.

lattégirl said...

Rox: that's how I eats them too!

T: They are the curled fronds of ferns.

dj said...

I knew what they were but I had *no* idea that people actually ate them. Wow. Interesting!

Laura said...

Eat them up. Yummm!

I will have a garden next year. I love those little pansy/ violets. Not the big floppy ones so much.

Scabiosa and japanese anenome are real beauties too, perennials.