Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It got up and went

My get up and go, that is. Gone.

Today appears to be a day off work (I say "appears" because in this line of business, you never know what will pop up) and I have NO MOTIVATION WHATSOEVER TO DO ANYTHING.

I took out some composting and cleaned the cat boxes, swept the floors, but that's the extent of my productivity.

It's a warm and hazy day, almost a REAL SUMMER DAY. But still I have no inspiration.

I just lined up a ride for tomorrow with a new neighbour, however. We're going to the next other semi-large town -- OK, I guess it's officially a city -- to look at blinds. And to get my stupid cell phones reprogrammed at last; we haven't even used them yet because they gave us the wrong area code!

It's about time that the pace of work slowed down, because there are so many things I should be attending to, and haven't had time.

Update, for those who care: It was one of those days when you really have to force yourself to accomplish tasks, one at a time. Ever have a day like that?

I got quite a bit done, though.


Chunks said...

My day was the same. I find it helps to get pissed off. I can get a lot done when i am mad. :)

lattégirl said...

Oh, very true! When I get mad, I do the bathtub.

StaceyG said...

I think I am having a day like that today.