Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rain rain

Bloody hell, why can't we ever get more than three days of sun in a row? Sunday it rained and stormed; Monday was crappy; Tuesday was gorgeous and warm. Today, it's raining again and we're supposed to get thunderstorms this afternoon.

As long as there is thunder and lightning, I'm okay with rain.

Not much on the agenda today. Right now I'm listening to rose cousins sing Dance If You Want To, which is very pretty and just right for a gloomy day. I need more music. Everything I own I've owned forever, and some days I get sick of opera. Today is a folk music kind of day.

I got this picture from Rose's MySpace. She's from Halifax. Oh Canada!

photo by Jon Strymish (taken at MFA in Boston)


Chunks said...

You're into Rose?!!!! OMG!!!! My friend Colleen (Bova) sent me a DIYWT for my birthday last November and it quickly became my favorite CD. I love her!! Colleen was lucky enough to have Rose for a surprise musical guest at her last birthday in January and she is listed on Rose's CD as a "Patron of the Arts". Check out Colleen's myspace page at for music. Colleen is a music LOVER and knows ALL the east coast artists!!

lattégirl said...

Chunks, I learned about Rose from YOU.

dj said...

I've never heard of Rose Cousins but I checked out the link and I found I like her sound. This might have to go on my "must have" list.

lattégirl said...

DJ, I'm always happy when someone likes what I like :) She has a lovely voice, doesn't she?