Monday, April 30, 2007

Camping out

Still sort of roughing it here. We have one skillet and one small saucepan to cook with, and we're still eating off paper plates.

But the second-hand fridge and stove I picked up are fab-looking and work beautifully, unlike the filthy, ancient temp units loaned by the landlord last week. I got our Brita filter hooked up and we feel better knowing we aren't drinking city water (which originates from nearby lakes on which motor vehicles are permitted. Yech.).

Yesterday I did our first "real" grocery order, a process that can get out of hand when you don't even have pepper in the house. Meaning, you gotta buy EVERYTHING, all of the everyday condiments and spices we take for granted... but I bought just the basics for now, whatever I could carry home. It's precisely a 20-minute brisk walk to the nearest grocery store, and about a half-hour to the next one, so no matter where I go, I'm getting a workout of sorts, or at least more than I was in the country, where walking alone with your camera and seeing the same-old-same-old closed cottages eventually becomes very dull.

I'm becoming accustomed to the "motel" too. The neighbours are mostly retirement age, and they come and go all day long in their cars. I don't know what they are up to, coming and going all day long like that. But they're a quiet bunch and for that, I bless them. I also no longer feel as though they're trying to peer into my windows each time they walk by. It takes a little while to feel comfortable in a new place and environment, but I'm there now. Whatever city paranoia I tend to feel has dissipated.

The cats are happy because I'm letting them out now and then, against my better judgement. The first time Mikey went out for a couple of hours I was worried sick, but as night fell and I started to wonder if I'd have to go on the prowl with a flashlight (which I don't happen to own), I opened the front door and there he was, lying coolly on the chair on the porch. Much praise ensued.

I've saved the best for last. (I will even repeat this on the other blog.)

My bad dreams have gone away. So have my headaches.

For me, this is nothing short of a miracle. The anxiety dreams and headaches of the past 16 months have evaporated. Just like that. I now have interesting dreams without the frantic fears and nastiness of yore.



Chunks said...

I am going to Costco tomorrow, no holds barred. Do you KNOW how excited I am about this?! I feel like dancing!

It's so funny that we are getting used to different things in such a similar way. You to town life and me to country life. I feel comfy already and have had some of the best sleep ever since we moved.

lattégirl said...

Rox, I'm so glad to hear it! Yes, we each did a complete reverse!

dj said...

I'm glad the bad dreams and headaches are gone and that you like your new digs. :) Thank goodness you can get out whenever you want to now, instead of being at the mercy of someone else.

lattégirl said...

The funny part is, "someone else" is now falling over herself to give me rides everywhere, every day.

kat said...

I'm glad things are coming along nicely. In time you will have everything situated and purchased. This house is your own and you will be your own boss of it all. :)