Monday, April 16, 2007

Interview you? meme

Here is an interesting meme fomented, oh, weeks ago, on the Internet. It came to my attention maybe 10 days past via Mr. Fabulous but originated beyond him and has trickled down to the rest of us masses since, with the person of origin forgotten by the lazy-minded such as myself, although if you must know, you can look up Mr. F. and see where he got it.

The meme is one in which someone else asks you five questions. And we all know that you love to talk about you,you,you. So it's a fun meme.

In turn, if you wish, I will formulate five questions just for you. Just ask me in an email with the subject line, INTERVIEW ME.

Now, Kat interviews me.

1. What brings you the most joy in life?
Sleeping well and waking up clear-minded and ready to tackle anything. I spent some years in a bit of a depressed fog and I remember looking out the window on many a weekend morning, watching couples biking or jogging past or walking with their young kids, and I wondered how they could be so active, so alert, so in tune with life. Now I know. It's all about the sobriety. And I can sleep 4 hours or 5 or 7 and still bounce out of bed, ready for whatever the world holds in store.

2. Why and how did you get started doing translation services?
I had a job with a city magazine (Montréal ce mois-ci, Montreal Magazine) as a receptionist in about 1985, a job I had taken as a sort of demotion from another, better-paying job I had held previously with an insurance company. I thought the magazine would bring me more into contact with a cooler world, and it did.

I eventually showed a flair for translation there, and my bosses were thrilled. Although it took a few years to really come into play as a lucrative thing, that was when the passion for translation began. I had always loved languages and done well in French and English,;I was a bookworm from a very early age; the transition from *cough* dry insurance policies to living language, with all its idioms and neologisms, was a natural one.

3. What is the very first thing you are going to do the very first night in your own place to mark the occasion?

I have no idea. If "very first night" means the night we have things to sleep on AND TV, music, and Internet access, I would say, we will probably sit down to dinner and toast with ginger ale.

4. Do you forsee your budding romance going any further?
I already said there were "no butterflies, no romance." I doubt it.

I am not a romantic. I am practical, for the most part. I like affection but I don't enjoy sex a whole lot. I have intimacy problems. And the guy, well... you know the BIGGEST part of that equation, don't you. So, no, I don't see the relationship going further than a FF.

5. Do you have any regrets? (This is just a great question for every one to answer)
I did. I'm not sure I have them all now. There is a small part of me that rues my 30s, the waste thereof, and another part of me that says "eh! better late than never."

So yes, I regret some things I had no power to change. I regret that other people did things to make me what I became. But I don't regret being me, or bringing my Teen into this world, with his sense of humour so uncannily like my own that I fail to find the words to describe how events that I might have regretted led to him.

So, no. Life is pretty good.


Chunks said...

Awesome post! I just did this one today too, bizarre!

Leigh said...

Fascinating read! Loved every letter of it. :)

kat said...

Great answers! Thanks for playing!