Monday, April 9, 2007

In which I prove I really am a good person

I was chatting with rom over coffee very, very early this morning (got up at 5:15) when her head pain "kicked in."

She went from 0 headache to a 7/10 within a nano-second.

I am accustomed to this, of course. That's easier for me to say than it is for her, naturally... it must be hard to be "accustomed" to a chronic headache. I would go mad. Some people do. They commit suicide. That's why rom takes such industrial-strength meds.

Anyway... I did what I've often done in these cases, which is stand behind her and grind my right elbow into the horrendously bunched-up muscles in her neck and upper back. This releases toxins and usually gives her instant nausea, but it helps her head.

I know she's been talking up a storm about me lately... more than usual... I know this because others tell me. I know this because OTHER PEOPLE are getting my latest news without me even having spoken to them.


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