Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Second best sandwich in the world

I can't quite remember all of the ingredients for the First Best Sandwich in the World, but it involved chicken, salsa, and two kinds of pesto.

The world's second-best sandwich lives at Mikes™ Restaurant. It is:

-Fresh focaccia
-Grilled chicken
-A mix of pickled tomatoes, red peppers, onions and egglant
-One slice Swiss cheese

That is all.


guitargirlz said...

YUM...hey what the heck is egglant?? (LOL....kidding I am the typo police!)

Hey get thee to the reunion excuses, work, moving or other...NONE will be tolerated. Ya hear me??

lattégirl said...

Whoa! She called me on a typo. Now that's something that doesn't happen very often. ;-)

masgblog said...

I was going to note the egglant also...egglant=eggplant.


sounds yummy in any case.

Jeni said...

Gee, I wish people wouldn't describe foods in such a delectable manner. I'm sitting here at 1 in the morning, already depressed after the events of today in Virginia, filled with all kinds of regrets for the way I have not lived my own life over these many years now to the fullest, and what does one do when feeling yucky about things like that but want to eat! And I sure as heck don't have any of the ingredients handy to even think about trying to fix a sandwich like that, nor is there anyplace open at this hour to get even some little thing that would taste good and bring comfort too so I'm left now sitting here depressed and salivating too.