Friday, April 27, 2007

Lattegirl dons a civilized mask

Just over a week into the new apartment, and it's a whole new world.

Life in a small town is cool. I'm sure I wouldn't think so if I were my son's age, but I am liking it. You can walk clear across town in either direction within a half-hour.

I found out what a snakepit of small-country gossip I was living in until last week. The reverberations are bouncing in from all sides: mostly originating from guess-who.

Even people who swore they could be trusted as friends are revealed as hypocrites with too much time on their hands.

So yesterday, I confided (carefully) in my hairdresser, Liv. She said she'd experienced her share of the same treatment -- people she'd never met coming up to her and asking pointed questions about her private life.

I asked: How are we to live this way, never knowing who to trust, never knowing with whom we can be real?

She had no concrete answer except to say "pick and choose, and always watch what you say."

So: keep busy, lead your life, and hold your cards close to your chest.


kat said...

It sucks having to live like that.

Chunks said...

Or be like me and say what you think and don't give a shit what people say...


I haven't ventured into town enough to make a name for myself yet. Buy ohhhh boy, when I do! hahaha! Be yourself. It's all you can be.

dj said...

I'm more of a "hold your cards close to your chest" kind of person by nature... which reminds me I have a blog entry about this very thing waiting to be published.