Sunday, April 8, 2007

Bird bedlam

Before the last snowfall, I had pretty much stopped feeding the wild birds. Then we got a bunch of snow, and today I felt sorry for the INSANELY LOUD blue jays sitting in one of the trees out front.

So I filled the feeder that hangs by the driveway entrance and promptly got inundated by hungry birdies. At last glance, there were a dozen (NOISY!) jays, a half-dozen blackbirds (almost enough to bake in a pie), and a single downy woodpecker.

It's so gratifying to feed critters. But NOISY! VERY NOISY!


Leigh said...

That's awesome! Thinking I should get a bird feeder.

lattégirl said...

Definitely. It's very entertaining.

masgblog said...

he's very pretty