Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Young men, volleyball

Yes, I went to the hotel pool today. But I went alone, and felt like Missus Fucking Robinson, I swear.

I sat alone, pretty happy for the most part until a yung guy motioned for me over to the hot sand for a game of volleyball. He was of the dark-haired variety to which I am partial.

I was actually waiting for a different male buddy to show up. He didn't. I am tempted to give him hell for not daring to don a bathing suit... not sure. (I think I will)

See that photo? I am not in there.


Blindsighted One said...

No shows deserve to be heckled! Raise a ruckus!

lattégirl said...

OK, since you said so. *starts ruckus*

Chunks said...

I'd love to be Mrs. Robinson...just for one day. *sigh*

Kat said...

Hot young men playing volleyball?! Count me in!