Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nobody loves me?

Apparently not. Nobody's answering my emails.

Nobody's leaving comments.

And I still have to make dinner.

Life is unfair, some days.


DJ said...

I love ya'! :)

Just haven't had a whole lot of time lately while I've been dealing with both parents and their many doctor's appointments.

Shelby said...

oh I love you!!!! And I'm commenting here - see :)

Kat said...

I replied to all of your emails. I did, I know I did!

Louise said...

If you've been emailing me, well, I'm on dialup. And? I only ever get one or two comments per post, and you get like, seven, at two different blogs! So now *I* think nobody loves *me*.
Look what you've done!

Chunks said...

Back the truck up. Did I just read that you have a boyfriend who is a trucker?

Is this the Buddha boy?

Why do I suddenly feel like singing "Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses"???

I love ya.

hal said...

We all love you!
You probably have ten times more readers than comments.Some people don't comment much, like me, until a time like now. So there.

Kate said...

I suppose we all just thought you were too busy with your long-distance trucker boyfriend (which brings a whole slew of bad CB radio double entendres to mind, but I'll leave that be - over and out). Ha.

Speaking of secret jobs (and not my Baby Brother's job secrets because HE'D HAVE TO KILL US), when I was working for a litigation computerization company (oh-so long ago) I had to sign a "stipulated protective order" so that we could handle a case that had something to do with Ore-Ida® potatoes. I probably broke that contract right there...

Love always,
Crazy, Crazy Kate of Le monde de fromage de Kate

lattégirl said...

Secrecy about potatoes? M'kay.

Thanks everyone :)