Thursday, August 16, 2007

Same crap, different bucket

I just posted at the other place that I'm not feeling too hot -- it's been a couple of days of sinus headache and lousy sleep -- and this makes me mad at myself.

I know, getting cranky with yourself is just wrong.

When I get cranky, I clean things.

I did the leftover dishes (which the Teen had promised to finish last night) and wiped the counters and bread crumbs from under the toaster and all that stuff.

Grumbling all the while. "God, I'm sick of doing the same tasks over and over every day! Stupid counters! Stupid ants in the cat food! (yes they're still there, and even worse than they were) Stupid dust in corners!"

I cleaned out the cat boxes and put out the stupid garbage -- same things I did yesterday.

Now I don't know what else to do to occupy my day!

PS: To add insult to injury, I've been waiting for a cheque from two clients - one of which I should have received by today at the latest... but was told it was only mailed yesterday. So, no money to pay bills until sometime next week. Great. JUST GREAT. Whatever bit of decent mood I had today just flew out the window.


Dyck!! said...

Why don't you get rid of the cats and keep the ants as pets?

creechman said...

If you get bored after cleaning stuff, you could always turn off the computer and wander around outside.

Oh my God, sacrilege!

masgblog said...

We all (at least I hope there are others in the same boat) feel the same way about doing the same things over and over each day, and for what?

lattégirl said...

Masg - and for what? To do it all over again a day later! Ah well. Better to be tidy than to let things go, right?

lattégirl said...

Dyck: An ant farm! What a twist!