Thursday, August 9, 2007

Why you shouldn't feed stray cats

Oh, dear. I have gotten myself into an emotional entanglement with the stray tabby.

He shows up twice a day (minimum), usually morning and evening, for his meals. Said meals are generally dry food mixed with wet, and a daily teaspoon of calcium pellets. Sometimes, if I have no canned cat food on hand (because by now he turns up his nose at plain dry food) I will mash up a hot dog, or shredded leftover meat, maybe chicken broth or leftover gravy, and animal fat.

Problem is, he wants to come inside all the time. Problem with THAT is, he backs up to various objects (e.g. my bed, dresser) and does the marking of territory thing. I haven't actually seen him spray, I think he's too young for it, but of course it will stink eventually.

Plus, he lies or sits on the porch or walkway and meows for me.



Laura said...

You've been adopted. :)

uno said...

Since your olfactory abilities are non-existent, it seems to be a good time for your friend to find another home.

Kat said...

Sorry girl, the cat owns you now.
Did you know that? We do not own cats, they own us.
We may feed them, love them, but they are pride animals. They take us into their pride and there we stay for life.

Get some odor ban or some urine gone. I've posted about that before. Do a search. ;)
But the urine gone really works. Spray it anywhere you think he sprayed.

lattégirl said...

Thanks Kat! Will do.

Chunks said...

I'm a dog person.

I still understand your nature to nurture the stray.

Don't let him in anymore. Feed him outside. Stand strong! LOL!

Shelby said...

I'm a dog person too.. but I do have a cat. She stays outside most of the time. She used to be really affectionate, but now she's all snobby and stuff. It always happens.