Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ugh, an update.

Busy with a rather large document… interesting project, but I’m not allowed to talk about it.

Doesn’t that sound perfectly Pink Panther of me? ("I can't tell you, otherwise I'd have to kill you, etc.")

It is true, however, that in the translation biz, you do occasionally get information you’re not allowed to disclose.

In other news here and there at the motel, some absurdities.

The first event bothers me for its sheer pettiness. It has to do with two men, one of whom seems to think he has a monopoly on my time. So he peeled out of here a couple of nights ago in a snooty fit.

Mind you, the second event is not much better. It has to do with cats and horseshoes.

Nah. On second thought, I won’t even bother writing it down.

Maybe tomorrow.


DJ said...

Um... is it "tomorrow" yet? I want to know the "events" - please? You must amuse me - my life is bleak. :lol:

lattégirl said...

As with all things petty, these situations subsided into the mists of time, where they no longer matter.