Friday, August 17, 2007

$10 a day

Alrighty, so because no money came in this week, I have a grand total of $60 to live on until sometime next week... maybe Monday, maybe later.

Part of my money woes are due to only billing clients once a month. No more!

I've been staggering the invoicing now so that I don't land in this hole again.

My new accountant is working on my overdue paperwork at last. That in itself is a relief.

I do have lots of utilities to pay, though. I should call them and show some sign of good faith, but the overbilled Hell Canada home phone account just depresses me so much, I can't face it.

I might just gather up all the envelopes (some opened, some not) and bring them to a friend's house and at least have some moral support in sorting and compiling them.

I also need to call someone whose birthday I ignored because I did not want to have contact with humanity. I feel badly about that. I feel stupid having to explain that I was, selfishly, having a crappy day.


Kat said...

I absolutely hate getting paid once a month. Hate it!
That's why I love one of the companies I work for. At least I know I'll get paid every other week. I can handle that.

If I had some extra laying around, you know I'd send it to you.
Here's hoping I hit an unexpected payday this weekend.

Hang tight girl.

Creechman said...

$60 = at least twenty Taco Bell tacos.

lattégirl said...

Kat, your thoughtfulness made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

(Really. Thanks girl!)

Shelby said...

here's to getting paid more often.. and earlier..

take care - hope today is terrific.

lattégirl said...

Mr. Creech: We don't got no Taco Bells round these parts.

Shelby: Thank you, and hugs....