Saturday, August 11, 2007

More motel stories!

It would be a dull month if nothing happened at the motel, other than me blowing up at the landlord about my leaking toilet.

Two nights ago I headed out the door with a bag of 20 empty ginger ale cans (I usually give them to Old Wheezing Guy upstairs, but decided I could use 10 extra cents) and lo and behold! A police car in front of a neighbour's door! And a small group of people in earnest discussion, including landman and his wife.

The usual clutch of gossipers was sitting on the swing (you know, the kind of 4 person wood swing you generally see on the lawn at old folks' residences? We have one) and one of folks asked me where I was going.

This is what it's all about, around here... everyone has to know your slightest business. *sigh*

So I announced that I was going to the corner store for more ginger ale! I'm sure this was welcome news to all concerned. I jerked my head toward the police car behind us and whispered, "What's happening over there?"

Turns out one of the two dudes who lives in #19 flipped his lid. Turns out that both guys are schizophrenic and off their meds.

Not one, but too schizos! I can't spell that word, can I?

This is the second time the police have been called in for a disturbance at that apartment. It appears there was lots of noise during the night.

One of the guys in question I have had the dubious pleasure of meeting -- that time in the laundromat, when he got pissed at me for removing his clothes from the washing machine because his load was done.

I hope they get asked to move the hell out.


Creechman said...

"in earnest discussion"

I am a writer. I'm going to steal that line.

Plagiarism is all the rage.

"Dubious pleasures of laundromats"


Kat said...

Well at least it's never dull there? Right?

lattégirl said...

Dear Creech, I don't coin any phrases, all writing is plagiarism, really. But thanks :)

Kat: Sometimes it's dull, but I can always count on a flare-up at least once a month!

Chunks said...

And it's not even a full moon! WOW!

Do me a favor the next time The Clutch asks you where you're going, say this:

"I'm going to get my vagina waxed!"

And take a picture of their chins hitting the ground for me. Merry Christmas!

lattégirl said...

Chunks: No, worse. I could say "I'm going to get my anus bleached just like the porn stars!"

Lisa said...

Oh my gawd, that would be so funny! They'd be talking about you for weeks!

That's pretty scary that both of those guys are off their meds...eeks!

lattégirl said...

Spelunker: worse yet, they start drinking at 10:00 AM. Recipe for disaster, anyone?