Monday, November 12, 2007

Post-sales service

You'd think that "regular" people like Heather (dooce) and Jon would be more human? Nope.

Here's the thank-you note I got for ordering their calendar. Note the freaking TYPO.

Thanks for puchasing a Blurbodoocery product! We hope you enjoy it.

Heather & Jon Armstrong

I love puchasing things. Dooce just lost cred with me on two fronts (not that I am big potatoes or a large carp in a small cow field or backyard koi pond, respectively. ) Just saying: they lost it on the two areas that matter the most to me or, indeed, to any loyal customer/reader : proper supervision of your writing staff and decent customer appreciation. No less a man than Lileks made me walk away from his Bleat as a fanatic reader and purchaser of his books for the very reason that his drive for spending so much time on his blog(s) and late-night TiVo didn't quite jive with feeding his daughter microwave mac & cheese.

I am not holier than thou but I abhor crap customer relations (and btw, Lileks didn't appear to give a shit beyond his Amazon credits.)


Anonymous said...

They seem to have misplaced a lette... leter? No, that can't be right...

Mindy said...

If we ever get that sloppy with our coustomers I am hoping you will kick us back into shape:)

RoxRocks said...

I had to read it five times before I noticed the missing R. Hm. That's why I like to shop in stores with real people who are rude to your face instead of in an impersonal email.


Mindy said...

I MEANT customers...:)

Anonymous said...

I don't read blogs whose writers see themselves as better than others in some way.

I stopped reading dooce (and to a lesser extent, blurbomat) when they started treating their readers as a way to make money. No, I don't allow comments on my blog, but feel free to tell me you love me by buying pictures of my dog. Sorry, not for me.

lattégirl said...

Yes, well. I just thought she'd be more of a detail-oriented stickler in every aspect of her blog business.

The Chuck calendar has shipped, I am told, and I still look forward to seeing his silly mug and things atop his head for the coming year.