Saturday, November 10, 2007

Better, thanks

Snide voice mails will not make me want to pick up the phone.

Have rented a couple of Grindhouse productions and those, on the other hand, make me want to blog. So far, Planet Terror with Bruce Willis and Freddy Rodriguez (of Six Feet Under fame) is, well, you know... gritty and gory and as cheesy as the box art. But with real talent on the roster.

I could be the only person I know who can salivate for BBQ ribs while watching a cannibal movie.

Just sayin.' A tad jaded.

I went into work Friday evening and the lights in the store were painful for the (thankfully-subsiding) migraine of the previous day. I've discovered that no-name extra strength acitominaphen (hope I spelled that correctly?) is more effective than Tylenol. Two days without coffee surely helped the headache go away, too... although I've known people who said caffeine withdrawal actually gives them a headache.

So I gambled, and brought a Starbucks iced frap with me. It was delicious.

And the evening at the store went by pretty well after only one crying spell! Just one!

I think I'm over the first phase of empty-nest shock now.

In fact, I saw the Teen today and he's in a good place. More on that eventually, prolly on the other blog which, apparently, more people read.


hal said...

I read it!

dj said...

Me too. :)

lattégirl said...

Love you both for it!

RoxRocks said...

i read both too but have to admit, it is easier commenting on this one. Why don't you merge them? I don't understand having two. Who am I though?

I drink half-caff all the time and even the withdrawl of THAT little bit of caffeine kicks my arse! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better!

If you put Christmas decorations up before December first, I am going to fly over there and smack you my own self! LOL!

lattégirl said...

Rox: I call this my "spillover" blog... the one where I put the rest of the things in my head.

It makes sense to me.

So, if I admit to putting up lights, say, on the big outdoor cedar, you'll fly to Quebec? I have two spare Clic-Clacs now, remember!

RoxRocks said...

Oh no, you didn't!!!

Where's the number to WestJet!