Monday, November 12, 2007

It's raining!

It's damp and disgusting out there and it's raining when it should, by all rights, be snowing.


Plus... I am watching a defective TV movie! (Not for much longer, mind you.) It's the strangest thing... you can hear all the sounds from the various tracks EXCEPT the voices of the actors. Birds are cheeping, background noises of all kinds are there, but all you can see is the actors mouthing their words.

I thought at first it was a stylistic pretension... but now I realize it's just a fatal flaw. Ah, well! Cue the next DVD!

(Later: even better. The next movie on the SUPR channel (remind me not to order that one from ExpressVu) has DELAYED dubbing. Bad, just truly bad... although the movie is pretty crap, too... I'll Always Know What you Did Last Summer... a sequel spawned by a truly horrific first film. Oh! No! I just remembered. I think an actress, was it Sarah M. Geller, who screamed so much in the first movie, I actually cheered when she got the hook? Yeah, I think so. Sick? Not so much. Healthy dose of reality more like.)


dj said...

It was raining here a while ago but I see it's finally stopped. I'm glad because I can't stand the thought of snow right now. That would not be good.

One of the things that drive me insane on a movie or TV show is when the voices are our of sync. I can't stand that - but I would imagine that only hearing background noises would be just as annoying.

lattégirl said...

Oh ack! I hate it when the dubbing is off, too!