Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We're cooking with gas

Subsequent to this post, I am indeed cooking for my friend B., if only to make his co-workers jealous.

Apparently, he and his friends were pretty much living off canteen food. One of his buddies, let's call him Corey cuz that's his name, eats two reheated pizza slices and 2 hot dogs for breakfast. EVERY DAY. Yuck.

So... when Friend B. heats up a lunch of, say, roasted chicken leg and vegetable-fried rice, his friends tend to sniff around him, enviously.

Monday B. had pasta with my Famous Spag Sauce(tm). Today, chicken. Tomorrow, pork tenderloin with a double-stuffed potato and an apple/raspberry garnish.

Like I said... if I'm cooking for myself I won't eat. If I have to cook for someone else, I manage.

Though my new jeans are size 7.