Saturday, November 3, 2007

So, the boy moved out.

And so starts a new phase in my life, and his.

I'm not feeling overly bereft... yet... but the apartment seems awfully quiet without the sounds of the ever-present Fight Channel!

I think my biggest challenge will be making real meals for myself. At least when he was under my wing, it forced me to come up with a varied menu at all times and always make sure he got his veggies. Cooking for myself? Maybe not so scrupulous. I will try, however.

My grocery shopping habits will be different, of course. No more granola bars (bleck, for the most part) or cookies or Yop yogurt drinks to buy.

From now on, my mess is my mess and I clean up only after myself. No more stray hairs and fingernail clippings in the bathroom sink. Less laundry to do (although I have a load of his sitting here waiting... since he took the bus into town, he brought only what he could carry). Many fewer megs of HD space taken up with rap music.

His best buddy here in cowtown was upset that he moved. In fact, he reacted in downright hostile fashion. I had to explain to the Teen that Dark was unhappy because he felt he was losing a friend. But I know they'll keep in touch, at least for awhile.

As for us, we'll be in touch by phone and, of course, MSN.

And for Cootie's part... well, I can tell she's wondering what's up. She's been following me around today. She was always very partial to him.

So life goes on. Just a little differently, is all.

PS, later: I forgot to mention.... no more Pr0N on my puter! A few days ago I found a bunch of really sick files the boy had downloaded. I promptly deleted them and gave him a talking-to. This was not stuff here or even Britney or Kim K videos... but rather, unmentionables that I figure most teens are curious about. Still, I'll give the kid kudos for cleaning up all the rest of the stuff he had on this machine... photos of online contacts, music, MSN chats which I wouldn't have read anyway. I have this thing about Pr0N ever since I found cache files of kiddie photos on my ex-b/f's computer. Sick bastard denied it all, but I will forever wonder about him.


RoxRocks said...

You are handling this really well!!! I'd be kvetching and moaning and carrying on like a sad sack!

That being said, if you feel like kvetching and moaning and carrying on like a sad sack, feel free. You are entitled to!

Oh, to have a house to ones' self. Bittersweet!

lattégirl said...

Handling it well? You haven't seen my eyes well up oh, at least 3 times in the past 24 hours. (Although PMS didn't help at all.)

It's awfully quiet here. It will take some getting used to.

Laura said...

Wish you could get out here for a trip again. My Mom will soon be going down to Florida and it is quiet for awhile then. I kind of like it. She worries about everything and makes me crazy at times. But it is funny to be alone after not being alone.

Just cause I haven't been around don't think I've forgotten you. We are in Barrie now, if you get out this way you are welcome to stay. There is even a spare bedroom all set up and ready.